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Road Maintenance

An important task for the possibility of a long, reliable and safe operation of roads is its competent maintenance.

LLC "Alcron stroy" qualitatively and on time carries out works on summer and winter maintenance of public roads of regional and local importance in the Tver region. This is a set of measures that ensure roadbed care, elimination of minor damages, organization of road safety, etc.

This includes measures to clean up and strengthen roadsides, eliminate damage to embankment slopes, and maintain road signs; marking; replacement of damaged fences, work with the drainage system and much more.

LLC "Alcron stroy" actively cooperates with the administrations of districts and settlements of the Tver region, works on modern electronic trading platforms, participates in tenders of administrations and settlements. Therefore, to comply with the requirements of the current technical regulations in order to ensure the safety of roads and create conditions for safe road traffic is a task of high priority for us.

It is important to note that preparation for the winter period and the winter itself are the most essential task of road maintenance. The safety of all road users directly depends on this.
The primary tasks are: protection of roads from ice and snow drifts, snow removal in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation. As well as preventive measures to reduce the adhesion of the layer of snow and ice layers to the road surface.

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