No restrictions on weight and size
Exact delivery schedule
Low cost of delivery
Risk minimization

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most common and in demand in the market of international logistics services. Sea transport carries most of the cargo worldwide.

Each ship has its own characteristics depending on the type of cargo transported, such as: autonomy, capacity, loading and unloading methods, speed data, ability to withstand weather conditions, restrictions on the navigation area, ability to pass through the Panama or Suez Canals, maintain temperature and atmospheric conditions of cargo holds Currently, maritime transport is an integral part of the global transport system.

Deciding to use the services of sea transportation in the company Alcron, you will get suitable prices, optimal delivery times, well-established logistics of transporting goods from all over the world.
Addressing us, you choose reliability and punctuality of deliveries!

View the different types of ships
Types of ships
  • Bulk Carriers

    A vessel for the carriage of goods in bulk (bulk)

  • Container carrier

    Designed for the carriage of cargo in containers.

  • Ferry

    A type of roller that connects land roads

  • Ro-Ro Vessels

    Specially equipped vessel for the purpose of transporting large-size cargo, equipment, cars, etc.

  • Tanker

    The most demanded cargo ship for transportation of oil, products produced from it, liquefied gas and other liquid cargo

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