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Transportation of oversized cargo

It is a cargo, more than 4.0 m in height from the surface of the carriageway, more than 2.5 m wide and exceeding the dimensions of the vehicle along the length by 2 m and more.

Transportation of cargo is carried out on public roads, so the choice of the best routes of transportation will depend on the total cross-country road and its speed limit. It is impossible not to take into account the individual features of the route: the quality of asphalt pavement, the slope and width of the carriageway, the presence of various obstacles in the form of bridges, railway embankments and crossings, as well as the influence of weather conditions and control of road situations.

View the classes of oversized cargo
Classes of oversized cargo
  • Heavyweight

    A vehicle with or without a load is considered to be heavy if its mass parameters exceed at least one of the following indicators: axle load, i.e. load on the road transmitted by the wheels of a single most loaded axle, and total actual mass 52 group A), and 34 (in group B) and 30 tons (when driving on bridges, racks and overpasses).

  • Oversized

    Cargoes in which one or more of the parameters exceed the standard size established by the restrictions in the regulatory documents - the width of the cargo or vehicle is more than 2.55 m, the total height is over 4 m, the length is more than 20 m or the total weight of the cargo and vehicle is more 38 t.

  • Lengthy

    Cargoes that do not fit on one biaxial platform and carried on two or more trailers or specialized trawls.

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