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Arrangement of yard areas

A courtyard area is a set of territories adjacent to houses, with objects located on them: parking spaces, sidewalks, roads, playgrounds, recreation areas, bike paths, etc.

The boundaries of the courtyard territories are defined in the cadastral passport of the object and are under the jurisdiction of the administration of this house, and their arrangement is regulated by rules and regulations (regulatory acts, GOSTs, SNiPs, etc.).

Areas arrangement works include: arrangement of parking spaces and playgrounds, installation of fences, painting of improvement elements and other types of work. LLC "Alcron stroy" uses special equipment and manual labor of employees to perform work, where necessary.

The main goal of arranging yard areas, carried out by LLC "Alcron Story", is to make the area around the houses comfortable, well-tended and rationally used, to provide new opportunities for recreation, games, walks for residents of nearby houses.

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