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Oversized and heavy cargo
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Air freight

Goods transportation over air vehicles is worthy of competition to other ways of moving goods internationally.

Air freight is one of the youngest ways to transport goods around the world, but at the same time it has a unique advantage over other methods, namely, a significant time saving!

Despite the technical features and limitations of air transport, there is still the possibility of transshipment of sufficiently bulky, heavy and oversized cargo in a relatively short period of time over fairly long distances, including into hard-to-reach regions.

Today, air cargo is widely used for prompt delivery of perishable goods, medicines, mail and other goods, for which a reduction in travel time is vital!

Advantages of working with ALCRON

If you decide to use air transportation services at Alkron ™, you will receive:

- Confidence in compliance with the terms of transportation by air.
- Full protection of cargo against damage during air transportation.
- The ability to deliver cargo by air to almost anywhere in the world.

View Aircraft Categories
Aircraft categories
  • Super heavy

    Provide maximum air cargo capabilities capable of transporting up to 130 tons of cargo per flight. The actual standard in this category was the AN-124, built according to a ramp scheme. These aircraft are specially designed for the transport of oversized cargo and heavy equipment.

  • Heavy

    The main volume of regular air cargo accounted for heavy aircraft, carrying capacity up to 70 tons. In Russia, they are represented by a conversion product - an IL-76 aircraft, built according to a ramp scheme and designed for the transportation of heavy machinery and vehicles.

  • Average

    Грузоподъёмность самолётов – до 35 тонн. Из-за сложной конфигурации грузовых отсеков и особого соотношения грузоподъёмность/объём стоимость перевозки на данном виде самолётов несколько выше, чем при использовании тяжёлой авиации. Данный вид самолетов используется для перевозки малогабаритных грузов, пищевых продуктов и грузов широкого назначения.

  • Normal

    The total capacity of the aircraft - up to 30 tons. This category of air transport is intended for transportation of small cargo, medical equipment, and correspondence. Often used in fast international delivery services on regular daily flights.

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