Selection of the car on the day of treatment
Escort along the entire route
Compliance with the terms of transportation
100% guarantee of the safety

Accompanying cargo specialized car

We provide services for the organization and support of oversized cargo. Transportation of oversized cargo is a complex process that involves compliance with the special conditions of transportation. All the basic requirements for the movement of oversized, heavy and extra heavy loads are governed by the regulations of the Russian legislation.

Large-sized structures are often very expensive, and any cargo owner wants to minimize all risks during transportation. The purpose of cargo escort is to ensure complete safety of cargo transportation and to monitor the safety of the transported cargo. In addition, an important factor in the transportation is to ensure the safety of all road users throughout the entire length of the oversized and long cargo.

Deciding to use the services of transportation and maintenance of oversized cargo in the company Alcron, you will receive:
- Full guaranteed protection of cargo.
- Confidence in compliance with the terms of transportation of cargo.
- The ability to deliver goods to almost anywhere in the world.

View the cargo escort regulations
Cargo escort regulations
  • Cargo width

    If oversized cargo transported by road has a width exceeding 3.5 meters in size, then a covering machine is required for such transportation.

  • Transport length

    If the freight transport in the composition of the train has a total length of over 24 meters - for the transportation of this type of oversized cargo, a covering machine is needed.

  • Special conditions

    When an artificial structure is allowed to travel only in a single order, or if other conditions are indicated that require changing the route or speed or transporting bulky and heavy cargoes at night along roads away from settlements or during the day with heavy traffic.

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